Leave the Fixing to Us

We do everything from flat fixes to tune-ups. Give us a call or drop by our Forsyth Park location for more information.

Bicycle Tune-up Menu


  • Clean and lube drive train

  • Clean bike

  • Adjust brakes

  • Adjust shifting

  • Check all bolts and tighten

  • Pressurize tires and inspect for wear

  • 50% off on installation of new parts (not parts)

Starting at $50


  • Basic Tune-Up

  • Spot true wheels on bike

  • 75% off installation (not parts) of brake pads, tires, tubes

  • Bearings adjusted

Starting at $75


  • Performance Tune-Up

  • Full wheel true off bike

  • Free installation (not parts) of cables, chains, tires, and tubes

Starting at $100

Bicycle Assembly Packages
Let's be honest... setting up and servicing your new bike is a pain. We've all been there; assembly complete...ish, yet there are still a pile of pieces left over. Let our knowledgeable bike mechanics assemble and prolong the life of your bike!