We take safety seriously: all safety equipment, such as helmets, is included in the price of the tour, and your guide will constantly be in touch with all riders as to what is coming up so you are free to cycle with confidence throughout the tour.

All of our tours avoid busy roads, instead taking advantage of your guide’s expert knowledge of quieter back streets and park routes. As experienced cyclists, who are highly familiar with the routes being taken, your guide’s is also more than able to ensure your safety at all times. If you know how to ride a bike then this really is the best way to see Savannah.


Each customer is responsible for maintaining their own safety at all times. The Company will not be liable for any injuries caused to a customer unless this is as a result of negligence on the Company’s part.

By agreeing to take part on the tour, all customers are agreeing to follow the safety instructions given by the guide and to exercise due care and attention whilst cycling. If a participant is unable to ride a bicycle safely the tour leader may ask the person to stop riding. No refund will be given.


The Company may, at its discretion, require any person to be excluded from a tour if The Company deems his or her conduct to be offensive or a nuisance to other customers. The
Company also reserves the right to refuse access to participate on a particular tour should
circumstance be deemed to compromise tour safety.