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Felt Bicycles was founded on one principle: to design, develop and deliver the best bicycles in the world. Before founding his namesake company, and in addition to being an accomplished triathlete, Jim Felt was one of the top motorcycle mechanics in the United States after having worked with industry leaders Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki. But when motocross champion Johnny O’Mara asked Felt to build him a triathlon bike, Felt was given the opportunity to put into practice many of the innovative designs he had dreamed about for optimizing a rider’s position and improving aerodynamics.

Today, each and every Felt bicycle features unique and innovative features that set it apart from its competitors, all in the name of Felt’s original guiding principle. And with countless new and exciting projects on the horizon, that principle remains the same to this day and well into the future: to design, develop and deliver the greatest bicycles in the world.

Felt’s dedicated team of engineers based at the company’s global headquarters in Irvine, California, has pioneered countless industry innovations, including manufacturing processes like InsideOut Internally Optimized Molding, Modular Monocoque Construction (MMC) and Dynamic Monocoque Construction (DMC), and breakthrough product designs like Felt Active Stay Technology (FAST) mountain bike suspension and the Bayonet 3 triathlon steering system. And in the past few years alone, these technological developments have seen Felt bicycles ridden to stage wins at the Tour de France, gold medals at the Olympic velodrome and record-breaking performances at the Kona World Championship.


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The VR is the most advanced endurance road bike in Felt’s history, and the next step in the evolution of adventure-ready bicycles. Inspired by those riders who seek out new roads in order to fully experience their passion for the ride, the VR is the ideal companion for epic gran fondos and limitless solo excursions. In an era when riders are pushing their equipment further than ever before, the VR stands apart thanks to its host of advanced technological features, including a unique geometry honed from Felt’s decades-long history of frame-building experience and carbon fiber innovation, as well as the new standard in road bike technology, disc brakes. It’s a big world out there, and your passport to adventure has arrived. Go explore with the VR.





The VR features an ideal blend of compliance, performance-oriented stiffness and the incredible versatility befitting the modern endurance road cyclist. Endurance-oriented geometry designed around an upright riding position, combined with a newly developed seat stay configuration, offers enhanced comfort and more confident handling characteristics for long days in the saddle. And a tapered head tube and robust bottom bracket shell ensure that the VR possesses the same performance credentials for which all Felt bikes are renowned. Extend your ride and enhance your cycling experience with the Felt VR.

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The FR is the stiffest, lightest and best performing road racing bike that Felt has ever created. Featuring a refined version of Felt’s legendary racing geometry that boasts confident and instinctive handling, the FR is built around a precision tuned chassis that ensures that no watt is ever wasted and that riders are fresh for a finish line sprint after a long day in the saddle. The FR also showcases several integration features that have been optimized for contemporary drivetrains and components, including an intuitive cable management system that maximizes efficiency and utility. Available in both rim brake and disc brake versions, the FR offers riders every equipment choice available.

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For those seeking the performance advantages of a larger wheel while retaining the nimble handling characteristics of a traditional 26” mountain bike, Felt’s 7 Series, with its 27.5” wheel diameter is the bike of choice. The 7 Series’ geometry is a combination of performance, comfort, and handling for any conditions.

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