Midnight Garden Ride
Oct 11

Midnight Garden Ride

  • Midnight Garden Ride

The team at Savannah On Wheels is very pleased to sponsor this fun event and be part of the great cause: making Savannah better through Bicycling.

The Midnight Garden Ride, hosted by Savannah Bicycle Campaign,  is a yearly event where people from many places and of a wide variety of ages get together to explore downtown Savannah at Twilight in a police-courted bike ride.  You can wear costumes and experience the 10-mile long ride in a super fun way. The ride is then followed by festivities that include a live concert, costume contest, raffles and more!

Savannah On Wheels is happy to supply all the supplies to you need for this ride: lights, helmets and bikes! Call us at (912) 777-4620 to reserve your bike.

For more information on this fun event, including registration, volunteering and safety, go to http://www.midnightgardenride.com/

Ride on!

Savannah On Wheels.