Parts and Accessories

Visit us for the best deals in town for parts and accessories from reputable brands.

We carry:

  • Locks                                                   Lock Cables

  • Baskets                                                Bags

  • Lights                                                   Racks

  • Water Bottle Holders                        Helmets

  • Pedals                                                  Chains

  • Gloves                                                  Kickstands

  • Rearview Mirrors                                Handlebar Tapes

  • Tubes                                                   Tube Repair Kits

  • Seats                                                     Tire Air Bump

  • We also carry the entire KHS bike part and accessories catalog. Call us at 912.777.4620 for more information


We offer great service at affordable prices here at Savannah On Wheels. Let your knowledgeable bike mechanic prolong the life of your bike

Our service includes but not limited to:

  • Tube replacements,

  • Brake and derailleur adjustments or replacements

  • General tune-ups

  • Custom parts 

  • Wheel truing

  • And much more